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Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism

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Our travel and tourism department offers air ticketing

, Hotel Booking and pick & drop services

Air Ticking

we offer all airline like PIA, Air Blue, Golf airline, Emirate, Etihad, a Turkish airline, Air India and many more airline ticket at the cheapest rate. we also offer the same day ticket for the emergency fly.

Hotel Booking

Tour to any country or historical place give a lot of knowledge to person. if you are one of that person who loves to visit world and love to increase their knowledge by seeing the historical place then you must visit our office to make your visit comfortable and tension free. We will book a hotel at the discounted rate. if you think that you can book a hotel online then you are wrong because if you get our services we have a contract with a hotel and they give us a cheaper rate. you can check the difference between our rate and the rate which they offer online.

Pick & Drop

If you are worried about the pick drop service or you want to a cheaper rate, then any taxi then you can contact us we will provide pick & drop from an airport in cheaper then taxi and we also provide rent a car.